Men's Linen Shirts in 2021: Why Linen is Still Absolutely Amazing

One of the oldest fabrics known to man is making a comeback and how! While linen shirts for men never quite went out of fashion, they did take a bit of a backseat for a couple of years, but this stylish garment is proving to be quite the favorite with designers in 2021.

Throughout history, linen has been the fabric of choice for the rich and wealthy. In 2021, it is the fabric of choice for the trendy and sophisticated. It still represents a sense of luxury and perhaps even a bit of decadence but don’t be fooled by its luxurious appeal – it is actually quite affordable!

Does summer bother you too?

If you’ve ever grappled with the possibility of looking fresh and cool even on the hottest of summer days, linen is the answer. Linen is the perfect fabric for summer shirts for men. Not only does it LOOK cool, it IS cool. Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics; it is also super adsorbent.

Linen possesses a high permeability making it less likely that it would ever stick to your skin. Instead, it allows excellent air flow, ensuring you stay cool even when it’s over 40 degrees Celsius outside. Say goodbye to sweaty armpits and say hello to lightweight linen shirts that are all about the marriage of trend and style with comfort you’ve never known before.

A tailored, bespoke collection!

A Tailored Bespoke Collection -

Yes, you read that right. It is not always easy to have a stylish, tailored, all occasion wardrobe. But if you are still reading, you already know the answer to that. Linen can easily give you that classic, upscaled wardrobe with a thoughtful and sustainable spin on smart casual style.

How you style a men’s linen shirt makes all the difference in the world! You could pair it with chinos and loafers for a day out exploring the city, or dress it up a little with a button up jacket and you have a ready evening look. The sheer versatility of a linen shirt for men makes it an absolute staple for any fashionable man’s wardrobe.

This year, add a few linen shirts in classic colors and experiment a little with your wardrobe. Below given is the top ten shirts collection from Yell;

Top 10 Linen Shirts for Men:

1. The Vasska Linen Shirt - Discover the blend of real comfort and contemporary fashion with the Vasska Shirt. Made with 100% linen, this shirt is perfect for the hot and humid summers of India.The Vasska Linen Shirt -

2. The Okan Shirt - The formal wear with this shirt from our Scars Collection. Experience the fluidity of 100% linen coupled with a mandarin collar and cuffed sleeves that add structure.

3. El Clasico - Available in classic colors like beige, blue and white, this will become your absolute go-to shirt throughout summer.El Clasico Linen Shirts -

4. The Eirian Shirt - Available in two exclusive combinations - white/blue and brick/light beige, this splendid pure linen shirt is designed to provide utmost comfort during the hot and humid Indian summers.The Eirian Linen Shirt -

5. The Frio Shirt - The shirt is embellished is tone on tone Bar-Tack. The extended collar and round cuffs give it a laidback appeal, while the matching piping adds a sombre element.The Frio Linen Shirts -

6. Classic Short Sleeve Shirt - Crafted in linen, this half sleeves closet classic shirt is available in different colors.Classic Short Sleeve Linen Shirts -

7. Extended Collar Linen Shirt - This full sleeves shirt features an extended collar available in 6 colors. A pure linen piece can always be teamed up with your favorite pair of trousers.Extended Collar Linen Shirts -

8. The Big Money Shirt - Designed for comfort, with zero compromise on style, this 100% linen shirt is perfect for work. The piped hem lets everyone know that you mean serious business.The Big Money Linen Shirts -

9. Royal Aristocratic Shirt - Crafted in chambray, this full sleeves closet classic shirt is available in three different colors of family.Royal Aristocratic Linen Shirts -

10. The Weekend White Shirt - This casual white shirt with a pop of blue is made from 100% linen. It’s blue jali stitch on the front pocket and eye loop details on the left placket add to the fun! The Weekend White Shirt

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