2021 Fashion Trends for Women: Watch out for Stunning Linen Classics

The word is out! Fashion gurus have declared 2021 as the year of linen. This strongest and most sustainable natural fabric in the world will finally have its moment under the sun quite literally. Fluttering and flattering linen silhouettes are perfect for the summers with an incredible airy feel and breathable quality, this wonderful fabric is one of top fashion trends for women in 2021.

The biggest names in international fashion have already picked linen as their fabric of choice for their Spring/Summer 2021 collections. In fact, linen has witnessed an incredible 102% increase in use in the SS 2021 collections. Names like Massimo Dutti, Fendi, Dior, and Maison Margiela have launched their linen collections for this season, proving once again that when it comes to women’s fashion trends, nothing can beat this evergreen fabric.

But why linen?

The question is absolutely natural – why are design houses suddenly shifting to linen after experimenting with all kinds of natural and man-made fabrics? Interestingly, the answer is not particularly complicated. Let us list out a few reasons why linen clothing for women and men is unarguably the best choice in today’s day and age.

  1. Incredible Durability: When it comes to durability the first fabric that comes to mind is cotton. While that is true and cotton is, in fact, quite durable, linen beats it hands down! A good cotton t shirt or top will easily last three or four seasons, a handmade linen top or dress will beat it by lasting for double that time!
  2. Easy to maintain: If you think you would have to care for linen much more than cotton, you are wrong. Linen is actually super easy to maintain and you won’t have to worry about a thing - not evening ironing. A few effortless wrinkles add character to your linen clothing and a simple machine wash will take care of any stains.
  3. Hypoallergenic and versatile: If you have been plagued with allergies, linen is actually the perfect choice for you! While its hypoallergenic properties make it the fabric of choice for many women, it is the versatility of linen that makes it the first choice for all new fashion trends for ladies in India.
  4. Breathability and absorbency: Highly breathable, linen is the perfect fabric to keep you comfortable even during the sweltering summers when temperatures are higher than 37 degrees Celsius. At the same, its wicking ability ensures that moisture gets evaporated quickly and it ensures that you stay cool even as the sun shines with all its might.

Who doesn’t love linen?

Linen has always had its fans throughout all age groups and genders. But it has always been a bit of a niche fabric. Linen classics have been around for a long time, however, with the advent of designer houses opting for this fabric more and more, it is finally enjoying its moment under the sun. While ethical fashion global brands like Arkitaip and designer labels like Dior have now stepped in the game, Indian brands like Yell have been at it for years!

It is clear that this year, linen clothing will be redefined. It is the perfect fabric for minimalism and Scandi-style clean silhouettes. But we’re done with that this year. Let this be the year of experimentation, of androgynous looks, and tailored clothing. Style pundits predict that 2021 is all about modern silhouettes, bold colours, experimental embroidery and creative embellishments. Take a look at the women’s clothing section Yell to see the sheer variety of trendy styles for women available for Spring-Summer 2021.

We may not be allowed to start socialising, going to parties, or travel to foreign lands yet, but when we are, linen clothing from Yell is going to be the perfect, most comfortable choice.

Ladies, upgrade your wardrobes!

With so many choices to spoil you, there is every reason to upgrade your wardrobes and absolutely zero reason not to. Let linen be your saviour in the long days of humidity and heat. Even more than that, let stylish linen dresses be how you help this environment. Fabrics, fibre and even the manufacturing process matter a lot to the environment. Over the last few years, we have seen the terrible effects of our increasing carbon footprint and it is time we try to fix it – for ourselves and for the following generations.

Save the planet!

What better way to help save the earth it than with fashion! Whether it is latest trending fashion for teenage girls, professionals, or even elder ladies, linen should be your go-to-choice not only this year but from here onwards. When you choose wisely, you choose not only for yourself but for our beautiful planet. Imagine the possibility where you get to dress in amazing, comfortable, and trendy clothing and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Yell ‘linen’ with us!

For years now, we have dedicated all our time and efforts to creating elegant and sophisticated garments as well as fashion accessories for the modern woman and man. We work solely with linen produced and handspun in India by Indian craftsmen. Our designer keeps in mind the Indian silhouettes, weather, and other requirements, while bringing in a global design aesthetic. It is the combination of these two that helps us produce stunning affordable linen clothing for women.

Check out our latest collection here and take your pick from a variety of dresses, kurtas, jackets, pants, palazzos, and skirts – all available in 100% pure linen!

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