Join the Yell family as an ambassador.

A brand ambassador is an individual who chooses to stand out for a reason closer to his heart, which turns into his/her ability to influence and convince people around them. We offer you ambassadorship of Yell and welcome you to join the lineage of the Yell family. We would love to gift outfits to you twice a month which the ambassador needs to endorse by adorning the same. This will play a vital role in spreading brand awareness in your territory. A Yell Pop Up at your place in your city can be planned with your friends and social circle in attendance in order to reach out to a relevant and larger audience. We would be sharing 20% of all Sales generated from the pop up with you as a reward for your efforts. We will also extend a 10% incentive on all future Sales pushed by you directly (order processed through you) . You can also join our affiliate program in order to promote us, whenever we will make sale through your affiliate referral you will get 10%  of sales generated through your unique affiliate link.