The Kome Collection: Poetry in Linen

Yell is synonymous with fashionable designer clothes in sustainable fabrics. Taking this forward, we’ve designed our new collection taking inspiration directly from nature and following the latest trends in the world of fashion. Read on to know more about our latest collection and all it offers!

When sophistication and grace combine with poetry in embroidery, you get the Kome collection. An exclusive and absolutely one-of-a-kind collection in 100% pure linen designer clothes, featuring the dainty, delicate, and delightful Chawal Tanka (or Taka) Embroidery, we take great pride in this collection and we are certain you will find it equally alluring.

Why the name – Kome Collection?

The word ‘Kome’ has its origins in Japanese and it means ‘rice’. But, why rice? You see, rice has been an integral part of India's natural legacy and has helped inspire the unique rice stitch which features prominently in this collection. It is the perfect example of beauty birthed from chaos. Single, straight stitches create patterns and look a lot like scattered rice on fabric, thus bringing it this unique name. Like strewn rice, this embroidery may look uneven and chaotic at first, but it is this ‘messed up’ effect that makes it incredibly unique. No one piece is exactly the same as another.

What is the inspiration behind the Kome Collection?

Inspired by the legacy of the 'Chawal Taka Embroidery' and the artisans who have kept this rare art alive for centuries, this incredible collection is steeped in history and sprinkled with sophistication.

Imagine experiencing a rice field in all its glory – invoking the earthy aroma, celebrating the fresh breeze, and witnessing the vast expanse of green. It is this theme that the Kome Collection explores in a palpable way. It incorporates a modern sensibility with its nostalgia-conjuring custom embroidery, and an organic palette of earthly beige, pristine white, and a sombre black.

What should you expect from the Kome Collection?

We fell in love with Chawal Tanka Embroidery style for its freedom in expression and that’s what you can expect to find in our collection. Every piece in The Kome Collection is a reflective heirloom, prepared with extraordinary effort and due diligence by the local Indian artisans. We can assure that any piece from the collection is bound to leave a distinct impression and make a permanent home in your personal collection. Every single piece is unique due to the nature of this embroidery.

Hand embroidered and made with great care, you can find everything in this fashion collection! From women’s tops, kurtis, jackets, dresses, long kurtas and even a super stylish cape to shirts, kurtas, and statement Nehru Jackets for men. Whether you prefer western style or ethnic wear, Kome Collection will not disappoint.

At Yell, we are humbled when you call us one of the top linen clothing brands in India and we take our job seriously. Fashion is more than just stylish clothes for men and women. Fashion, for us, is about expression, about freedom, about identity, and we take our work seriously. So when it comes to statement-making linen clothing for men and women, you don’t need to look any further. Go check out the Kome Collection here!

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