Yell's Latest Kome Collection: Watch out for Linen Masterpieces in 2021

By now, you must have noticed the common trend in all SS21 collections. Yes, it’s linen! While big fashion houses like Dior and Fendi are now trying to come out with their exclusive linen segments, we have always believed in the sustainability, beauty and the ethereal quality of linen. This is why Yell has always been a strong advocate of 100% pure linen that is locally produced.

So, what does it mean for fashion that linen is making such a huge comeback? It is quite simple, really. What this means is that designers are finally giving people what they want – sustainability, style, comfort, timelessness, and an effortless sensibility! Our latest Kome Collection is a testament to all these qualities of linen designer wear, while keeping the price points in check to ensure that our designer wear is affordable and easy on the pocket.

What makes the Kome Collection so special?

Yell’s Kome Collection is inspired by the iconic Chawal Tanka stitch. Incorporating embroidery made with this striking stitch, the pieces in Kome collection are an ode to linen’s extraordinary history during its renaissance moment in the present. Linen fabric is known for keeping you cool and fresh, even during sweltering Indian summers and it is universally flattering! The question in front of us what simple – how do we honour the Chawal Tanka embroidery and create modern heirlooms that reflect today’s trends?

The modern classics of Kome Collection imbibe this sensibility with their stylish hems and playful cuts, while staying true to the sophistication of both linen and the rice stitch. You can find knee length kurtis and shorter tops in a combination of neutral earthy shades like beige and cream with some striking elements in blue, green, and black.

While you decide to pick the Ikigai summer jacket for women which is the absolute embodiment of grace, or the vivid, fun and spirited Cardinal Top, you will be pleasantly surprised with each piece from this collection. Whether it is clothing for men or women, Kome has something for everyone.

At Yell, we understand you

As pioneers for linen fashion, we understand the need to create inclusive fashion for women in 2021. This Collection is not about following mere fashion trends. It is a testament to our mission of making linen fun and relevant while staying true to its eminence in the fashion circles.

At Yell, we are humbled when you call us one of the top linen clothing brands in India and we take this title seriously. Fashion is more than just blindly following trends and creating the same old things in the name of style for men and women. Fashion, for us, is about expression, about freedom, about identity, and we take our work seriously. So, when it comes to statement-making linen clothing for men and women, you don’t need to look any further. Go check out the Kome Collection here!

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