Winter Essentials Every Guy Needs

 As we slam the doors on autumn/fall and head straight into winter,

It is time for a quick peeks into our wardrobes to ensure we have all the essentials for fall fashion 2020. You could be the type of man who enjoys good winter snow or the kind who’d rather huddle up in front of a fire indoors. Either way, who says you can’t dress to impress still! In fact, Fall/Winter requires even more attention to detail when it comes to dressing up, thanks to the abundance of fabrics, styles, and let’s not forget – this is also the wedding season in India, making it even more imperative to dress to the nines.

Scroll down to see the five fashion trends you’ll be able to shop NOWW! 

1. Winter Blazers For Men Are A Must-have

We’re absolute believers in quality over quantity when it comes to fashion. Fads may come and go but classic styles stick around. Ideally, it’s best to have a few styles of men’s jackets/coats at your disposal to see you through all types of situations. Transcending seasons can be a child’s play from fall to winter, and even spring, if you make the right choice.

This is why we’d implore you to invest in a timeless piece like a Nehru Jacket or a Bundi, preferably in a couple of colors or fabric choices to see you through fall to winter and even on those breezy summer nights. You can layer them over/under different items for some interesting trendy effects as well.

2. A Warm Winter Jumper Will Be A Great Addition

The perfect well-made, well-fitted sweater will do wonders for any wardrobe. For everyday wear, black, cream, off-white, and grey are some colors you can easily work into any outfit. In fact, the cream is a color that will go wonderfully with warm or cold tones, from reds to blues to greens… pair it with anything for an instant chic effect! Black colored sweaters can add an instant level of sophistication to just about any outfit. Avoid cheap materials since this is an item you plan on wearing regularly and that means signs of wear should be avoided. Take good care of the item depending on its fabric. You can even pair your jumper with dressy trousers and formal shoes for an evening out and achieve a smart effect!

3. There’s A Pattern To It!

When it comes to patterns, Fall Fashion 2019 is all about plaid and checks. Grey, black and red plaid is now considered an absolute classic, but consider buying shades of yellow and green too. Mix and match for an interesting effect. It is not necessary to buy your wardrobe staples in these patterns. Instead, opt for accessories in these patterns. Buy bright linen pocket squares, add a patterned tie, plaid shirt with cuffs on display is also in for fall fashion 2020.

4. Don’t Forget To Include Accessories

Any outfit is incomplete without the right accessories for men. For fall fashion 2019, men need to consider trendy sunglasses and rugged shoes. Trekking/hiking boots are in yet again, and retro glasses with metallic frames add a touch of class. Beanies and hats are also in but avoid bright and bold colors. Instead, opt for burgundy, black, cream, and grey beanies and pair them with blazers for some solid street style cred.

Cashmere scarves add an understanding of elegance to your outfit. Cashmere lined gloves look remarkably posh and with leather exteriors, these are also handy for using your touchscreen phones without the need to expose your digits to the biting cold. If cold winds are common where you live, then consider buying a stylish pair of earmuffs as well.


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