Is Linen Cooler Than Cotton?

In countries like India, summers are not considered to be significantly welcoming or desired seasons of the year, unlike other countries where people await this season. The reason behind this is the sweltering atmosphere which awakes discomfort and displeasure. When you live in countries like this, where summers could take you for a hot ride, it is obvious that you would search for clothing options that could keep you on a cooler aisle. 

Two of the most common fabrics that we consider wearing for summers are cotton and linen. Though both the natural fabrics are eco-friendly and are excellent for imparting a great style statement, however, the question that arises is which one is better for summer?  If answered in a single sentence, the one which keeps you cooler could stand as a better clothing option.  

You must consider buying linen outfits as this material could keep you cool, comfortable and active during the ripening heat. There are certain unique properties possessed by linen that makes it a better material than cotton for sustaining the summer heat. Here, we would discuss some of those features, 

  • Linen is found to exhibit better breathability as compared to cotton. The fabric which has better breathability is the one that could help you stay cool during the summer. The wide, hollow and large fibres of linen empower it with enhanced breathability. Also, linen fabric is loosely woven which means it's utter relaxing and could give a free fall on the body. As a result, it would not stick to the skin and allow the air to pass through the fabric. 
  • Linen fabric possesses high absorbency. This material has the wicking ability that makes the moisture get quickly evaporated. So, when you just begin to feel that your clothes are damp, linen has already commenced it's absorbency function. For the ones who sweat more, let us tell you, linen could absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture! You guys would totally fall in love with this breathable and absorbent fabric. 
  • Linen is heat conductive. When the body heat is allowed to escape in the outer environment, you naturally begin to feel cool, comfortable and light. This is what heat conductivity is all about. Linen has remarkably high heat conductivity, featuring an excellent cooling mechanism. When compared with other fabrics such as wool, silk and even cotton, the thermal conductivity of linen is way higher than them. 

Linen is inarguably effective at preventing the advent of humid conditions on you. Due to this incredible ability, you could stay fresh and comfortable along with being stylish regardless of the saturating heat. 

This summer you can sweat less and flaunt more as now we have dropped the linen secret on you. All you have to do is update your wardrobe with classy linen outfits. Where can you get the good linen apparels? Yell is the brand you can blindly rely on to buy the best linen clothes in India. This brand caters to exclusive clothing items for men and women. Do have a look! 


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