How to soften linen clothing?

Linen is often regarded as trendy and comfortable at the same time. Available in soothing colours and unique style outfits, this material stands out in the crowd to win million hearts. Just like love, Lenin matures with time and gets better. It allures with its charm initially and solaces with the relaxation later on. 


The journey of linen from stiff elegant to delightfully comfortable totally depends upon the way it softens. However, every Lenin cloth becomes soft with wear, wash and time but if you wish to make the softening process quick but desirable then you must read the pointers given below: 


  • Washing is the most basic undertaking for softening the Lenin cloth. Often at manufacturing units, the linens are stiffened by using chemical agents to give it a crisp look. When washed, the linen would become soft. However, it is important to read the information regarding washing prescribed by the brand prior you wash. It is found that most linens turn best when washed with cold water and put on to the dryer at a low speed. 
  • Vigorous agitation could be a useful means when washing stays inefficient at softening. Adopting methods that use intense frictional forces could break down the stiffness of the material. Rubbing the cloth with hands or putting it in the washing machine programmed to vigorous wash might help at stimulating the softening process. 
  • The traditional methods never stay behind! Yes, there are traditional techniques too for softening the linen clothing. Opting for the natural linen fabric softening agent could result in increasing the life of the cloth without leaving behind the harmful residues. A solution made by taking either half cup of baking soda or a cup full of vinegar could be used for washing the linen fabric. The cloth soaked in water containing these solutions for a night might appear to be soft for the next day. Also, this method could be employed well by making use of dryer balls as they would increase the friction more. 
  • Are you searching for the quickest method for softening your linen? If yes, the technique we discuss now is precisely for you then. Ironing the linen fabric does not matter whether it really needs it or not, imparts softness to the cloth. You have to iron it on high heat when the cloth is still damp. You may even consider making use of the press cloth (if you think it's required). Though you must never make use of the finishing spray. It is advised to keep the linen cloth in the good breeze for letting it dry naturally. Fan directed air could also be used, make sure you do not dry it in direct sunlight. It is found that when the linen is kept moving during the drying process (line drying) the stiffness of the cloth reduces significantly. 


The attire you choose reflects your personality. This is the reason why you must make wiser choices at filling your wardrobe. Similarly, it is equally important to treat your clothes the right way. Treat your Lenin right and experience the difference. 


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