How sustainable and eco-friendly linen material is?

Linen is affectionately called the fabric of the rich. Not just because it is worn by the rich but also it imparts a rich feeling when it's on the body. Though it's already a favourite choice of fashion tycoons, it is equally loved by environmentalists too. There would be no exaggeration if we regard this material as a sustainable fashion element to design unique outfits that soothe the souls as well as comforts the body.

Linen is also skilled at bestowing us with peace of mind that we are being soft to the mother earth. Wondering why? Let us explain you well, 

This fabric does the least harm to the surrounding, from the day it takes birth. Linen could be cultivated without making use of fertilisers. It is made up of extracting the fibres of the flax plant. It is essentially a woven fabric constructed out of flax fibres. If the cultivation process is dew-retting (employed by Europe) then the linen fabric turns out to be more gentle to the planet as this process is considered to be an eco-friendly one. 

As per studies, it is found that the flax plant is efficient at yielding a greater amount of fibres as compared to cotton. Once the fibres are extracted, the remaining flax plant is used multiple times using different ways. Thus, the cultivation of this fabric contributes to zero waste in landfills that too being cost-effective farmers.

Further, it is also considered to be one of the least environmentally damaging textiles as it requires just a few years to get broken into fine biodegradable molecules which readily gets absorbed in the soil, sooner than other fabrics. 

If not by other means then why not with clothing! Sticking to the super busy lifestyle we are hardly able to participate in the environment safety initiatives. However, linen gives us this opportunity. How? We can buy clothes crafted out of soft and alluring linen fabric. 

If not bleached or processed with chemical dyes, linen fabric stands as one of the most desirable eco-friendly materials which have no adverse effect on the environment. Hence, it would be great if you choose to fill your wardrobe with linen outfits that are processed with natural dyes. 

Though, no clothing fabric stands perfect at being absolutely harmless to the environment, linen is the one that stays behind in the race. 

A wide range of linen outfit awaits you! Visit your nearest linen clothing store or sit back on the couch of your home and place an order online. Enjoy the feel of this fine material and contribute to the ecosystem too! 

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